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There are way too many engagement ring settings in the market today. To make engagement rings setting easy, most jewellers will set categories. Some go with the traditional engagement rings settings like Solitaire and don’t pay attention to new or classic settings.

Engagement ring settings Melbourne

Engagement ring settings

We offer all sort of engagement rings settings Melbourne. Our categories consist of modern, classic, traditional, side-stone setting and antique ring settings. You can choose from a huge variety of our pre-set engagement rings as well as our customer ring settings.

The quality of our settings

Our pre-set engagement ring settings are famous throughout the entire world for being original. Our rings are rigid and very durable. This goes for our diamond setting as well. The diamonds are so well placed and supported that they can never fall off.

The durability of our three stone setting is the best in Vitoria engagement ring settings. Our side stone setting is attractive and eye catching. We think our side stone setting is one of the best in our engagement ring settings collection. You can view our Victoria engagement ring settings right now by clicking here.

Our custom settings

We can create engagement ring settings Melbourne completely from scratch and exclusively for you. Only give us an idea of what you want. We can place our diamonds according to your preference. We can also create a brand new engagement ring setting Melbourne if required.

You can even purchase our original and world class pre-set setting concepts right here from our shop. You can customize them and use them to make new custom engagement ring settings to get your own ring settings. Of course, from an engineering point of view we will advise settings of our own. This is because we don’t want the stones to fall off of our rings. So you can be sure that the engagement rings that we produce for you will be just as durable as our pre-set engagement rings Melbourne.

If you really want to go for overkill, then you can purchase one of our antique engagement rings.

Our exclusive store

Our engagement rings are created by us for our shop. Our designers are among the best in the world, so we take pride in what we produce. We can offer the best price for our rings due to this. For more information, please contact us using our contact form. You can also email us or call us any time 0488187799, call now and make your appointment…

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