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Are you the romantic person who wants something romantic for your partner? Getting engaged soon? Are you aware of cushion cut diamonds? Well, cushion cut engagement rings might be the rings that you are looking for. Cushion cut is not an ordinary or traditional cut. It is an antique cut which is pretty different from the brilliant round cut diamonds and can be recognized instantly.

Melbourne Cushion Shape Diamonds

Cushion Diamonds Melbourne

Since most diamonds have a flash effect or shine, you would expect cushion cut engagement rings to have the best shine. That’s not true. It’s the shape of the cushion cut diamond in a cushion cut engagement ring that stands out. The newer cuts are more brilliant but pretty straightforward at the same time.

You can find a lot many cushion cut engagement rings Melbourne in our collection and each ring will have its own type of cushion cut diamond. Cushion cut diamonds are rare and there a lot many variants of it. They don’t follow the same cut specifications all the time.

One thing is for sure, cushion cut engagement rings will have a relatively large diamond. We don’t add unnecessary amount of detail that can ruin the overall feel of our cushion cut engagement rings. All our rings are made for our store by us. That gives us time to come up with new original concepts that can separate us from the rest of the Melbourne Jewelers. We don’t try to be different; we are different already in terms of unique cushion cut engagement rings Sydney.

There is no ring better in terms of classic style than cushion cut engagement rings. For your own custom cushion cut engagement rings, select your cushion cut diamonds from our loose diamonds. Give us your idea and we will create a brand new concept based on it.

Seferian Diamonds will get you your ideal cushion cut engagement ring. Refer to our educational articles for more information on how to select a ring that suits you. Contact us via email or


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